Blueprint Consulting's diversity and inclusion practices begin with fostering an environment that is inclusive of every employee. Individual backgrounds and perspectives provide the company with an opportunity to view software development and business challenges from multiple viewpoints. We gain more successful and creative methods with which to solve software development and business challenges. 

Each employee and applicant for employment is treated fairly and with dignity. Employment decisions are based on merit,
experience, and potential, without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, disability, veteran status or any other characteristic prohibited by any law.

We seek to build an inclusive workforce and work environment. We strive to attract and develop the talents of people who reflect the society and community in which we live, fostering teamwork and effective partnerships among our employees. Blueprint Consulting endeavors to provide equitable treatment and reasonable accommodations for known physical or mental limitations of qualified employees with disabilities, taking into account the employee's needs, the law, and business circumstances.

Our Equal Employment Opportunity policy is founded on the philosophy that our employees and applicants for employment will be treated equitably. We do not discriminate based on personal preference or physical characteristics, and our experience confirms that supporting policies and practices with a strong commitment to an equal employment opportunity is a good business practice.

Create tangible team and individual development.

Client interests come first.

Value each person and their contribution to successes.

Maintain an empathetic and inclusionary meritocracy.

Foster a strong sense of legitimate work/life balance.

Offer QA/process improvements where warranted.

Respect confidentiality.

Our mission is to help clients develop, test and implement substantial and sustained improvements to their software applications and to build a successful company that attracts and retains good people while treating them well.

Create a great environment

for terrific people


Build lasting trust in client relationships.

​Improve our clients' business and software applications

Consistently improve our collective QA expertise.

​Conduct all our business interactions professionally 

Maintain proper stewardship of client resources.

Our Values

Diversity and Inclusionary Policies

Adhere to the highest

ethical standards.

Help clients sustain their improved capabilities.