Fast: Runs tests significantly faster than human users.

Repeatable: Testers can test how the website or software reacts after repeated execution of the same operation.

Reusable: Tests can be re-used on different versions of the software.

Reliable: Tests perform precisely the same operation each time they are run thereby eliminating human error.

Comprehensive: Testers can build test suites of tests that covers every feature in software software application.

Programmable: Testers can program sophisticated tests that bring hidden information.

Average length of tenure of

current Blueprint Consulting staff. 

All positions with Blueprint require that you have unrestricted access to work in the United States.  Each position lists specific education and experience requirements, and most positions also require a Bachelors Degree, though substantial QA experience can often be considered in place of the degree requirement.  

Do you love software testing and also fun to work with? We're always interested in speaking with well-rounded software QA professionals in Phoenix, Arizona. Below is a list of current openings and their position descriptions:

5.5 yrs